2008-04-13 - Bahamas and Islamorada Fishing Reports

Islamorada & Bahamas Fishing Reports

San Salvador Fishing

After a bit of a lull we will be back at it starting Friday with minimal days off for the rest of the Bahamas season which lasts till early July this year. After a slow start to the season we have seen a steady improvement over the past month. The dolphin seem to have arrived and the wahoo seem to still be around too. Yellowfin have been around since day 1 and we expect them to be as prevalent as they were last year in April and May. We are going to start doing a little more marlin fishing also once we get back in action as there have been a couple seen as of late. Usually we start to catch some whites in the latter parts of April and then they begin to mix with some blue marlin once May comes around. Looking forward to a great spring and summer in San Sal before starting the NJ canyons in July.
Capt. Joe Trainor

Islamorada Fishing Report

Both Pretty Work and That's Right were out this week, mixing a bit of reef and offshore fishing. Conditions at the beginning of the week were just right for a late season Sailfish bite, which saw double digit releases for the boats that got out. To listen Capt. John and Randy's first hand reports, please click on the links below.

April 12 Islamorada Fishing Report - Capt. Randy Frees

Islamorada Fishing Report - Capt. John Oughton

Fishing Report - Capt. Randy Frees

April 6: Bud n Mary's Marina, Islamorda, FL: Hi, Capt. Randy here, had a crowd that wanted to go out today offshore. We headed straight offshore to some scattered grass lines. We found some dolphin in the grass, not in great numbers but about 2 or 3 times we ran into a hand full. A few Blackfin Tuna were caught by some other boats offshore of us. We spent a half a day on the reef as well, catching some yellowtail and one grouper, the crowd was pretty happy with all of that. We had a few yellowtails that we had to let go, but we managed to pick a pretty decent catch. So it was Dolphin and yellowtails today on Thats Right at Bud N Mary's.

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