2008-04-08 - Bahamas Fishing - Florida Keys Dolphin and Yellowtails

Bahamas Fishing Report

Had some regulars out again yesterady for their last day of fishing here in San Salvador. After having their fill of dolphin we really concentrated on catching them a nice wahoo. After pounding the usual areas we got our first great bite. After fighting the monster for a good bit , 1 of the hooks on the back of the yozuri plugs started to straighten out. Very frustrating but we proceded to get another bite on the west side of the hump in 350 feet of water boating a 60 lb wahoo. All the wahoo bit yozuri plugs blue and black and red and black both got bites today. All the plugs we troll were behind 4 lb trolling weights.

Florida Keys Fishing Report - Dolphin and Yellowtails: click the link to listen to Capt. Randy's Report

Florida Keys Fishing Report