2008-04-06 - Bahamas Report, Shark Fishing, and Incredible Eddy in NE Canyons!

Bahamas Fishing Reports

LOW PROFILE has been at it the last couple days, with mixed results. Everyone was hoping the great action of the previous week would continue right on through the Spring. While not quite as good, it does sound everything is looking about right. Difficult local conditions seem to be hampering the results a bit, with weed of all things being a problem. This is not something we've ever experienced, in recent memory...in NJ and MD, yes, we have significant weed issues frequently, but in the Bahamas...never, as far as we can remember. Here's Capt. Joe's play by play from the last two days:

Friday April 4, 2008 - San Salvador, Bahamas: Today we had one of our regular groups out. Fishing was pretty much impossible today. We had rough conditions but very doable. The problem we had was the weed . Worst I have ever seen in my life. The most frustrating part was the fish were there is was just impossible to keep anything clean all day.  For our efforts we had just one dolphin , pulling a couple off and had 2 great wahoo bites. We are at it again tomorrow and if the weed is gone, we expect to have a great report.

Saturday April 5, 2008 - San Salvador, Bahamas: Back at it today in San Sal with ok results. All 4 boats started fishing to the north with all of us boating a couple dolphin. It seems the weed had cleared and we all expected better results. There was not a wahoo bite to be had amongst all of us fishing today. We decided to head to the south and found a great color change right in front of the Sandy Point area . We pulled the trolling weights out of the water in search of our first Blue Marlin of the year. The water looked unbelievable with NJ green pushed up against Bahamas blue. We only fished this water for a couple hours in the afternoon ... wish we had more time. Boated a bunch of dolphin along the color change, but couldn't raise a billfish. One boat next to us raised a white however. Full day tomorrow for us and i'll keep you posted.

Sunday April 6, 2008: To Be Continued!

Shark Fishing Preview

In Late May and Early June, we will be once again bringing out the big Penn's, Cable Leaders, and Flying Gaffs, as we begin another year of Shark Fishing in both South Jersey and Ocean City, Maryland. For those of you not familiar with Shark Fishing in the North-East, it offers a great opportunity to tangle with some very large fish, early on in the Summer Fishing Season. The coveted prize is the Mako Shark, followed closely by the Thresher. Both fish can easily go several hundred pounds. The action is typically pretty good, with a mix of Blue Sharks, Brown Sharks, Dusky's, in addition to the Mako's and Threshers. As soon as the water begins to warm a touch and the Bluefish appear on all the lumps and bumps in the 20 to 40 fathom range, you know it's time to start thinking about a Shark Fishing Trip. Typically a drift is set up to move across an area of good structure that is holding bait. At times, it makes sense to anchor on structure, such as a wreck or particular lump. CHUM, CHUM and more Chum will be the ticket to attracting Sharks into the Slick. For those who haven't experienced Shark Fishing in the North East, it can be quite the experience.

Update on NE Water Temperatures

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! North East Water Temperature Chart. This was brought to our attention by Mitch Roffer (Roffs) and quickly had everyone very interested. We'll keep a close eye on this incredible early season eddy. We will have a boat ready to make the run within a week or so out of NJ/MD. If reports and weather conditions allow, you can be we will be checking this out!

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