2008-02-22 - Islamorada Hump Fishing Report
Islamorada Fishing Report - February 22, 2008 We had THATS RIGHT out today and decided to change things up a bit. We had a bachelor party group on board and they were up for some trolling. With fairly slow reports in on the reef and not too many sailfish around either, we headed offshore. It was a bit bumpy this morning, so we decided to do some high speed trolling on the way out, running two Yozuri Bonito Plugs way back. No takers on the way and we found ourselves at the hump with not a single other boat out there. Should have been perfect right? Wrong.... Very slow..hardly any birds around at all. We picked a double header Blackfin right off the bat, to the SE of the hump about a mile, chasing a frigate and a couple of birds...then it was very slow. An hour later, we bagged a triple, and a few more singles. We ended up catching about 10 and began our high speed journey in about 10:30. When we left there were about 6 boats fishing the area and it didn't look like anyone was setting the world on fire. On the way in, we put the Yozuri Plugs back out and had two swings and misses....oh well. It was a fun half day of fishing and everyone got to reel on a fish or two. Wish the action was a bit better, but I suppose it could have been worse!