2007-10-21 - NJ Canyon Report, Striped Bass Fishing Report, Florida Keys Fishing

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October has once again been a great month to target Yellowfin Tuna in the Canyons off NJ and MD. We started out the month fishing mostly in the Lindenkohl and Spencer Canyons, where we'd been fishing most of August and September. A brief bit of water in the Wilmington Canyon, had us down there for a few trips, some of which went well, others not so well. The Wilmington has held fish, but for us, did not provide the consistency that the Lindenkohl did. On two consecutive nights in the Wilmington, we limited out on the first and failed to catch a tuna on the next night. So, back up to the Lindenkohl we went, and started putting the fish in the box once again. The week leading up to the New Moon in October saw the tuna bite go off in the Lindenkohl & Spencer Canyons. We had both boats there for about 4 nights and did very well on all but 1 trip. Our Ocean City Maryland Fishing season has come to and end, as PRETTY WORK has returned to fishing in the Florida Keys and THATS RIGHT has moved to NJ to get in on the Overnight Tuna Bite and Striped Bass Fishing Season.

During the last few weeks, we've had both LOW PROFILE and THATS RIGHT out on many nights and have fished at least one of the boats on just about every night the weather was fit for fishing. On many of the mid-week nights it was just LOW PROFILE and a couple of the Headboats from up north. Weekends, continued to be pretty crowded, especially when word of a "hot" bite got out. There is no doubt that Saturday nights were the least productive nights of the season. After a batch of bad weather in the middle of October, we were back out and wound up in the Baltimore Canyon for the first time this season. We spent about 5 nights fishing there over the last week or so, having a couple of great nights and a couple of good nights. We caught between 6 and 14 fish on all these trips, including an estimated 250# swordfish. After the last trip, when our number of bites when down to about 12, we decided to head back to the north and set up on some numbers near the Spencer Canyon that had been working for us all season, and sure enough the tuna showed. On our last TUNA CHARTER, we boated about 12 tuna, and for the first time in a while, we had a nice mix of Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna.

Early in the month we had a brief shot at the Bluefin Tuna behind a scallop boats and after a heads-up call from the MISS ANDREA crew, we were able to put a couple of big fish in the boat. Many thanks to Capt. Billy on the Miss Andrea, not only for the heads up on the Bluefin, but letting us go stern to stern with them in the Lindenkohl one evening, letting our customers get in a hot bite they had going. The largest Bluefin Tuna we caught measured 71" and was estimated at 221 pounds. This was our only shot at Bluefin so far this fall, so we are sure that over the next few weeks, the main body of fish will move down the coast and provide some great action. Unfortunately, the troll bite continues to be pretty much non-existent and for the most part, we are not trolling, but opting to get on the hook early and keep chunking through daybreak. The fish are beginning to bite on the chunk, in the daytime, as they typically do this time of year, so we expect that our trolling outfits will not see much more action this season.

Down in the Cape May Rips and Delaware Bay, word is that the Striped Bass have yet to really show up. Seems like it is going to be a late season. We have pushed back our Striper Fishing to the first week of November at this point. THATS RIGHT will continue to run Overnight Tuna Charters until the first week of November when we will switch it over to Striper Fishing exclusively for the month of November, and run it out of Cape May. In the Florida Keys, PRETTY WORK has arrived back in Islamorada and the word is that the fishing is pretty good right now. Dolphin are being caught in 400-500' of water, some early sailfish are showing up, and the Yellowtail are hungry in on the reef. We start our Islamorada Fishing Charters next week and will have both PRETTY WORK and THATS RIGHT fishing in the Florida Keys by Christmas this season.

- Tight Lines,

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Striped Bass Fishing - We will be fishing in NJ Until the end of November this season, for both TUNA AND STRIPED BASS.

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