2007-09-28 - New Jersey Overnight Canyon Fishing Report

New Jersey Canyons Overnight Tuna Fishing Report

LOW PROFILE took advantage of the weather window over the last week and ran 7 straight overnight canyon charters. A couple nights were a bit sporty, but all in all, the weather was great for this time of year. The moon phase was not favorable over the last week, and with the nice weather (especially last weekend), there was a lot of boat traffic, both of which contributed to some challenging fishing conditions. We were forced to fish away from some areas we've been setting up in, as there were just too many boats around. On several nights we ended up in between canyons or off in the deep somewhere. We had only 1 bad night during this stretch, when we had only 1 fish. Other than that we caught between 4 and 10 fish on the rest of the 8 trips we ran recently. We feel pretty fortunate to have had these results as we've been talking to many other boats out there that have had really difficult times, including some of the head boats that are now out every night. We ended the stretch with a great trip on Wednesday night. We ran an open boat trip with a bunch of regulars and a couple of new guys. They did a super job, catching pretty much every fish they had a legitimate shot at and putting 9 55-85 pound fish in the box. One of the head boats, just down from us had 8 fish..so we were pretty pleased with our results. The fishing on this moon has been very sporadic. Many reports of a boat getting on the fish, while the boat 1/4 mile away goes without a bite. We heard this over and over out there this past week. I guess you can chalk it up to a lot of boats fishing a small area and a full moon which has made it quite difficult to hold the bait and fish. The VHF radio skip has been exceptional lately, so we've been able to talk to boats all the way up and down the line, and hear what's been happening over the whole edge. The troll bite has been non existent on the edge. Inshore there have been some Wahoo and Dolphin caught. For the most part, we are now going straight to the chunk, then giving our customers and option of chunking into the daylight for a couple hours or going on the troll. The chunk seems to produce just as many bites and maximizes our fishing time as there is no switch-over to a trolling set-up. On one day we did troll in the morning, we got all but spooled in on the 40 fathom curve...we'll never know, but it was either a big bluefin, or a very large wahoo. Unfortunately, the mainline parted on us as we neared the knot..

As soon as we get back out after this front passes, we expect the fishing to be on again. The next 2 weeks should provide some great fishing action, as the weather allows us to get out. The fish seem to be spread out all over the place, as opposed to early in the season, when they were well concentrated in the northern canyons. The Baltimore Canyon has been hardly fished this season and is ripe for some good action in the near future. We wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing reports of boats limiting out there shortly, as the water and bodies of fish move to the South this coming month. We should also start to see some big Bluefin showing up once again in good numbers from 30 to 40 fathoms and the Longfin bite which was good earlier in September, should turn back on as the moon begins to fade this weekend. We have at least one boat fishing just about every night that the weather allows from here on out. There are still lots of options to get out with us this season, as THATS RIGHT arrives on the scene this weekend for the remainder of the fall tuna season.

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