2007-07-18 - Ocean City & New Jersey Fishing Report - Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna - July 18, 2007


Ocean City Maryland Fishing Report

All three Ocean City Charter Boats were out today, along with the LOW PROFILE running it's first New Jersey Tuna Charter. Two of the crews opted to go in search of Bluefin Tuna and found themselves back at the Hambone. Joe and Anthony got an early start from Avalon, NJ and were anchored up by about 4:00am. They got the Bluefin going shortly there after, putting their limit of 3 in the boat, battling several others, and missing a few. The action was real good, but it was pretty much over by 6:30am. Captain Todd pulled in next to them on the JUSTIFIED just about first light, got anchored up and immediately had a nice run off on the deep rod, but pulled the hook pretty quick. That was about it on the chunk, as the marks on the screen disappeared and the reels got quiet.

A bit further offshore, was PRETTY WORK, looking for Yellowfin in and around the 30 line. Captain DJ had the THATS RIGHT offshore of PRETTY WORK, and was working 40 to 50 fathoms inside the Baltimore. THATS RIGHT ended up putting a great catch together, as they had a double header right off the bat, then boated 3 singles, before getting blitzed and going 4-5. By 12:30, the seas had built and they had 9 Yellowfin Tuna in the boat and they opted to take a nice easy ride back to the dock. John on the PRETTY WORK, worked 5-8 miles inside DJ and never really found what he was looking for. For the day, PW had one bite and boated one Yellowfin Tuna. Todd on JUSTIFIED toughed it out on the chunk until about 11:00am, but eventually gave up and went on the troll, staying inshore and concentrating on Bluefin. Eventually he found the fish, as they moved inshore, and caught 3 of 3 Bluefin Tuna Bites, releasing 2 and keeping 1 and adding a dolphin. Joe on LOW PROFILE moved offshore, hoping to add some Yellowfin to the box, but didn't make it out to where THATS RIGHT had the bite going. They picked 4 Dolphin on the troll and headed to the barn with their limit of Bluefin and 3 Dolphin. From what we heard from other boats, it was pretty slow overall today.

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