2007-07-15 - Ocean City Fishing Report - July 15, 2007 Weekly Update


Ocean City Maryland Fishing Report

Well, it was an interesting week of fishing in Ocean City, Maryland. The early week bite was pretty good as our boats fished for both Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna. They still have not mixed, so it has pretty much been one or the other so far. Pretty Work went after the yellowfin tuna on the first trip of the week and nailed 6 and adding 7 or so nice Dolphin to the box as well. Then both Justified and Pretty Work were back out in the middle of the week and combined for 24 Bluefin on Wednesday. Pretty Work got their limit, finding a few just over 47 inches, while Justified was only able to keep one, as the fish all seemed to be exactly the same size, going about 45 inches. Most of the bites were on bally being trolled on way backs and down rods. Later in the week, we ran a couple of trips looking for some bigger fish in anticipation of the Ocean City Tuna Tournament this weekend. LOW PROFILE got out thursday on a make up charter and managed 4 bluefin tuna as they checked out some new spots, hoping to find them holding some larger fish.
All 4 boats were entered in the Ocean City Tuna Tournament that started on Friday. All the boats fished Friday, the first day of the tournament. LOW PROFILE headed off to the deep near the Washington Canyon, looking for yellowfin. They found what they were looking for, but only got 2 of about 6 bites to the boat. One went 72#. Pretty Work ran down to the south looking for some larger Bluefin, but only found a couple of smaller yellowfin. JUSTIED and THATS RIGHT split up, one heading out towards the Hambone the other down to the South near PRETTY WORK. Neither found what they were looking for however. LOW PROFILE was the only boat to fish Saturday and they quickly put a 105# bluefin in the boat, then headed offshore to get away from the heavy boat traffic. They picked up another yellowfin out in the Baltimore, and ended up with the two fish for the day. JUSTIFIED, PRETY WORK and THATS RIGHT all fished their final day on Sunday. PRETTY WORK called in as this report was going up saying they let go 5 fish, 3 of which were over 60 inches (100 to 120# probably), and finally kept one that went 110#, at the end of the day, just to put a fish in the boat. They needed a couple of larger fish to put a qualifying stringer together. Their day didn't get them in the money, but the fishing sure was good. JUSTIFIED just reported in as well, catching 7 Bluefin today, the largest going 138 pounds. They kept a second at 76 pounds and released 5. THATS RIGHT struggled today, fishing right where both PRETTY WORK and JUSTIFIED fished and didn't have a bite.

LOW PROFILE is now back in Avalon, NJ, just north of Cape May, and will be running Tuna Fishing Charters right through November out of New Jersey. The rest of the boats will stay put at the Ocean City Fishing Center for the rest of the summer and fall Tuna Season. To this date, none of our boats have been chunking and all our fish have been taken on the troll.
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Please view our new 2007 Open Boat Make Up Charter Schedule. We added more dates this week, and are putting more on the calendar every day, as we get calls from groups looking to split the charter cost with other anglers.

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