2007-07-10 - Ocean City Fishing - Report - July 10, 2007 - 6 Yellowfin & & Dolphin


Capt. John on the PRETTY WORK was out today and put a nice catch together. They made the most of their chances by catching every bite today. In the end, they ended up with 6 Yellowfin and 8 Dolphin. The Tuna varied in size, as you'll see by the photo below. The largest went about 55 pounds,there were a couple around 45-50 and the smaller ones were about 30#. They worked from 30 to 35 fathoms today, offshore and south a bit, from where they've been catching the Bluefin. Capt. John reports that the best concentration of Yellowfin seems to be about 20 miles from the best concentration of Bluefin, making it difficult to target both in the same day right now. Likely, this will change, as we move later in the month and the fish begin to mix and take up residence in closer proximity to one another. The runs are still short, regardless, making for lots of trolling time.

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