2007-07-04 - Ocean City Fishing - Fishing Report - July 4th, 2007

Capt. John just called in on the PRETTY WORK...12:15 and back at the Ocean City Fishing Center dock all ready. They were right back at it this morning, where they left off yesterday, and it didn't take long. They caught 9 he said, missed 4 more, kept their 3, and headed for the barn with everyone ready to call it a day at 10:30 this morning...doesn't get any better than that..all the fish are in the high 40" range..smallest 45" largest 50". We're only having to run about 30 miles to get these fish riight now...everyone likes that!

- Tight Lines,

The Crew of Over Under Adventures
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Please view our new 2007 Open Boat Make Up Charter Schedule. We added more dates this week, and are putting more on the calendar every day, as we get calls from groups looking to split the charter cost with other anglers.

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