2007-07-01 - Over Under Adventures - Ocean City Maryland and NJ Fishing Report

Over Under Adventures ran 7 offshore tuna trips this week. The PRETTY WORK was out on a Make Up Charter and got this week started off on a great note Wednesday morning. With not nearly the boat traffic, this mid-week trip was a home run. Capt. John headed south of the poormans, towards the Washington, headed looking for a big-eye bite. Guess he liked what he saw before he got there, stopped in about 50 fathoms and it didn't take long. By 10am, there were 15 tuna in the boat and they were headed for the barn. The largest tuna was 72# on today's trip. He reported the water temps were around 68 degrees and the fish all ate ballyhoo/sea witch combinations. They had several mutliple hookups, with best of the bunch being a 6-8 slam.

On Thursday, both the PRETTY WORK and THATS RIGHT got out, right on the heels of the banner make-up trip the day before. It took a bit longer this day, but both boats came back with their boxes full. Capt. Todd reported Thats Right had close to 30 bites, mostly on naked ballyhoo, fishing in 68 degree water mostly from 50 to 70 fathoms. Down the road 15 miles Capt. John had the Pretty Work on a similar bite, catching 12 and having LOTS of short bites. Pretty Work fished a bit inshore of THATS RIGHT, in 40 to 60 fathoms and further down the line towards the Washington. THATS RIGHT stayed up closer to the Poormans and it didn't seem to matter where you were today...the Yellowfin were HUNGRY. PRETTY WORK caught most of their fish on ballyhoo/seawich combinations, with a couple spreader bar bites. Water was a bit warmer to the south, just under 70 degrees. Many of the fish were the larger variety going 50-70 pounds, with some of the smaller fish mixed in as well.

On Friday, Anthony and DJ on THATS RIGHT reported that the bite slowed a bit for them, but they still manged to put together a nice catch of 10 yellowfin, on about 16 bites. The fish all ate ballyhoo, and they had a bunch of "dangler" bites... as Anthony put it. He said the fish were skying out of the water after the "danglers"..about 10\' off the corner of the boat. Fishing the same general area of the Poormans in 50 to 70 fathoms again. The fish were a bit smaller today going up to about 45 pounds.

Just like last week, as we moved through the week and into the weekend, fishing slowwwwwed down a lot. On Saturday, all three of our O.C. based boats were out and put a total of 11 Yellowfin in the boat. This after averaging 13 fish per trip, per boat, on the last 4 outtings. Capt. Todd on the JUSTIFIEDTHATS RIGHT had 4 and John on PRETTY WORK had 2, plus some nice mahi. Bites were once again in 40-70 fathoms from the Poormans on South.

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Please view our new 2007 Open Boat Make Up Charter Schedule. We added more dates this week, and are putting more on the calendar every day, as we get calls from groups looking to split the charter cost with other anglers.

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