2007-06-29 - Over Under Adventures Crews Boat 29 Yellowfin Today

We had both the PRETTY WORK and THATS RIGHT out on Thursday, right on the heels of the banner make-up trip the day before. It took a bit longer this day, but both boats came back with their boxes full.
Capt. Todd reported Thats Right had close to 30 bites, mostly on naked ballyhoo, fishing in 68 degree water mostly from 50 to 70 fathoms.
Down the road 15 miles Capt. John had the Pretty Work on a similar bite, catching 12 and having LOTS of short bites. Pretty Work fished a bit inshore of THATS RIGHT, in 40 to 60 fathoms and further down the line towards the Washington. THATS RIGHT stayed up closer to the Poormans and it didn't seem to matter where you were today...the Yellowfin were HUNGRY.
PRETTY WORK caught most of their fish on ballyhoo/seawich combinations, with a couple spreader bar bites. Water was a bit warmer to the south, just under 70 degrees. Many of the fish were the larger variety going 50-70 pounds, with some of the smaller fish mixed in as well.

- Tight Lines, Trey OVER UNDER ADVENTURES The Biggest Name in Charter Fishing

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