2007-06-17 - Ocean City Maryland Fishing Report, Bahamas Fishing Report

The PRETTY WORK arrived in Maryland yesterday and is in it's slip at the Ocean City Fishing Center, along side both THATS RIGHT and JUSTIFIED. All three of these boats will be running Tuna & Marlin Charters starting this week, for the rest of the season.

In Ocean City Maryland, THATS RIGHT ran several tuna fishing trips, as well as competed in the Ocean City Shark Tournament. On one its better trips, THATS RIGHT caught 7 Bluefin Tuna to 65#, as well as having about an 80pounder eatin by sharks....current NMFS limits allow us to keep 1 Bluefin Tuna under 47 inches and 2 from 47 to 73 inches. Most of the fish so far have been around 40-45 inches. They reported a good, consistent bite spread out all day kept everyone on their toes.. Everything on the troll with naked ballyhoo producing best again.... all in 50 to 100 fathoms. They said they found a school of blufins at the end of that day all on the surface, mostly 60 pounders with some bigger ones mixed in that they saw, then bang got triple on for the end of the day. Today, both JUSTIFIED and THATS RIGHT were out looking for yellowfin, and found what they were looking for in some pretty water inside the Baltimore Canyon. Both boats caught about half a dozen and the fish went from 30-50 pounds. Justified and Thats Right have been Shark Fishing as well, continuing to produce a pretty steady catch of Mako Sharks in the 100-200# range.

Over in the Bahamas, Fishing at San Salvador, the LOW PROFILE finished up its season this week, on a high note, with the Blue Marlin bite in full swing. The highlight of the week, though, was actually this 62 pound Bull Dolphin, pictured below. We kept fishing at San Salvador, the last two weeks of the season, as thats where the best bite seem to be. Most days we had atleast 2 shots, and at the best of it, we had 5 shots in a single day. Some dolphin and tuna continued to be caught here and there, allowing for pretty steady action throughout the day. The Marlin got bigger as the last 2 weeks went by, with the largest fish, estimated at 500# plus, being seen on the final day of fishing. The LOW PROFILE is now on it's way up to join the rest of our boats for some great Tuna and Marlin fishing off the New Jersey and Maryland shores.

Please view our new 2007 Open Boat Make Up Charter Schedule. We have just added several dates and are putting more on the calendar every day, as we get calls from groups looking to split the charter cost with other anglers.


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62 Pound Bull Dolphin Caught in San Salvador, Bahamas - June 2007

Mako Shark Caught on the Justified


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