2004-03-20 - Transition into our typical spring time bite
Since our last report, some weeks ago, the fishing has started to transition into our typical springtime bite. Dolphin seem to be everywhere, wahoo are still around, although not in the numbers they were a month ago and the birds are starting to give away the schools of Yellowfin tuna passing through the area. An added bonus is that billfish are all ready being seen on 50 percent of our trips. Word from Rum Cay this past week was of large yellowfin going from 50-100 pounds being taken. Over here at Cat Island, the birds have been found between Devil's and Columbus Point, and the dolphin have been pretty thick. Last week, the Over Under hosted the Reel Adventures team and filmed a show for an upcoming spot on several networks. Captain Pete had the crew in good action, boating 1 wahoo, releasing 8 dolphin and many small tuna, while keeping a couple of 25-30# yellowfin for dinner (all in 1/2 a day of fishing). The group also had a blue and a white marlin up in the spread, but both refused to cooperate and disappeared soon after they were spotted. The highlight of the trip was watching the Reel Adventures diver/photographer go nose to nose with a 250# White Tip Shark that was after a yellowfin tuna that had been hooked up. The dominant theme of late, however, has been WIND. Hopefully, it will die down some and let the many boats over here get out and enjoy the spring tuna season as it rolls into gear.