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Air Charter Service From Cape May, New Jersey and Ocean City, Maryland
Over Under provides New Jersey Air Charter service from Cape May, NJ and Ocean City, MD, to and from the metropolitan areas of New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and their surround communities. Additionally, Over Under often charters from Cape May to locations in North Carolina, and Western Pennsylvania. Manteo and Beaufort, NC are both popular destinations as are Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH.

The range on our aircraft is approximately 4 hours or 600 miles, making Maine, Ohio, South Carolina, and George all easily reachable non stop. Our specialty is transporting vactioners and businessmen to and from the South Jersey Shore and Ocean City, MD. Our Piper Aztec can take appoximately 950 pounds of passengers and baggage. We also fly a Piper Chieftain, which is capable of much larger payloads. Aircraft Charters are a great way to beat the summer traffic, especially in New Jersey and Maryland. NJ Aircharters allow you to beat the traffic and spend more time vactioning with your family in Cape May, Ocean City, MD, or whereever else you may be flying to.

Cape May Air Charter Rates - Please call for Ocean City, MD quotes or for Quotes to anywhere you would like to fly.
The following are sample air charter rates to some popular destinations. All rates are one way drop off or pickup prices and are for the entire plane. Please see our aircraft descriptions for the passenger and weight capacities of each of our aircraft. All rates are subject to change and are informational in nature. Rates do not include landing fees, customs and immigration charges, or pilot waiting time. Please submit an online Charter Quote Request, or call for a current rate.




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Philadelphia Int’l

Piper Aztec



Lancaster, PA

Piper Aztec



Harrisburg, PA

Piper Aztec



Dullus Int’l

Piper Aztec



Teterboro, NJ

Piper Aztec



Norfolk, VA

Piper Aztec



Westchester, NY

Piper Aztec



Marthas Vinyard

Piper Aztec



Morehead City, NC

Piper Aztec