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Morehead City Giant Bluefin - Bite Turning On - Fish for $200 a day



LOW PROFILE is now fishing out of Morehead City for Giant Bluefin Tuna. The bite seems to get better each day and it's definitely worth fishing for them at this point. We will fish every day that the weather allows the rest of December and January. If you'd like to join us, the cost is $200 per person, and we limit it to 2 people per day. We are also available for full charters at a rate of $1300 for up to 6 people. The weather is looking good for the next 4 days and the boat is open until Monday December 10th, then becomes open again on the December 13 and 14, then again the week of December 17th.

Please call or email if you'd like to take a shot at catching a GIANT

For more info you can visit our web-site here: Giant Bluefin Fishing where there are recommendations on accommodations, videos, pictures, and more.

Please call: (866) OUA TUNA or email trey@overunderadventures.com if you would like to reserve a spot.

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