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Ocean City Fishing on Fire - Adding Dates

Capt. John called in after his first day back up in Ocean City and reported that the fishing has picked up right where it left off last fall. 40# yellowfin are mixed in with 90-175# bluefin only 50 miles off the beach. The largest bluefin to come to the boat on the first day was weighed in at 162# with a couple others over 100 also caught. All the action was on the troll.

Based on this great report, the OVER UNDER is heading north a week early and will fish out of Ocean City from July 21-26th. We have 5 days open and would love to seem some familiar faces or some new folks come join us for some great fishing.

We can run either overnights or day trips and will do our best to put some groups together, if anyone is short a couple people.

Call me at 305 619 0235, or 305 852 8015.

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